SP2Hybrid Graphene and Lithium Ion Batteries

The addition of graphene can greatly improve the performance of lithium ion batteries. In short, adding graphene creates a longer lasting faster charging battery. This is possible due to graphene’ s high surface area, stability and supreme thermal and electrical conductivity. Typically, graphene is added to the anode to enhance performance. 
At SurgePower Materials, we have conducted battery anode testing using our high purity monolayer graphene; SP2Hybrid. The batteries enhanced by SP2Hybrid were longer lasting (2433 mAh/g). This is nearly a 5x improvement from batteries that were not enhanced by SP2Hybrid. Our graphene also sped up charging. Charging a graphene enhanced battery took less than 6 minutes. The SP2Hybrid enhanced batteries also had a longer life, with no degradation after 1000 cycles. 
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